Видео: DOODLEBOT: Remix Reveal Video - Drawing Robot LEGO MINDSTORMS & LEGO Technic

DOODLEBOT: Remix Designer Video - Drawing Robot | LEGO MNDSTORMS & LEGO Technic

Meet the LEGO robots created in the 2017 LEGO MINDSTORMS REMIX Challenge. We challenged five LEGO designers to create the ...

Remix - LEGO Mindstorms - LEGO Technic - Reveal Video

Introducing the winner of the LEGO Mindstorms Remix Challenge. We challenged four LEGO designers to come up with the most ...

Kid's doodlebot

Put together in 10 min.

Billy the Drawing Robot

More information at http://www.robotnav.com.

EV3 Drawing Robot

Alternate build of set#45544. The robot can draw the pattern selected. No need rubber band and easy to change the paper.

doodlebot workshop 2018

Fun with felt tip pens and little motors. The first half of a workshop for teachers and artists organised by the Arts and Education ...

Lego EV3 Spiker Robot - Robotoyreviews

Lego EV3 Mindstorms Robot Kit - Building Robot Spiker Bug. Robots For Kids Robot Toy Reviews Programming for kids ...

DANC3R - ROBOT REMIX#1 Arthur Sacek

See the details and Building Instructions. http://www.thenxtstep.com/2015/11/robot-remix-series-1-building.html ...

DoodleBot - MEC101 Stony Brook Robot Design Project Fall 2016

Drawing robot with a 4 digit binary LED remote.

Drawing robot

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 drawing robot.

Doodle-Bot Dance

A Doodle-Bot dances at the second annual Robot Fest in East Lansing, Michigan on September 16, 2018. The East Lansing ...

Remix - LEGO Mindstorms - LEGO Technic - Designer Video

Check out the awesome LEGO MINDSTORMS Cuckoo Clock—a working cuckoo and alarm clock built from a remix of the EV3 (31313) and ...

Doodle Bot: Hacked Drawing Robot Artwork

This artwork was created by a Doodle Bot and coded by myself using Arduino 0022 software.

Let the Creativity Flow with this Homemade Doodle Bot!

Whether yours has ten eyes or two, you'll have a blast building this doodle bot with your kid! For more DIY projects like this, go to ...


Aquí tenemos un "time.-lapse" del DoodleBot en acción. En este caso estamos escribiendo Cachivaches sobre un folio. Con este ...

Doodlebots doing their thing.

Made from some junk cups, 2x aa batteries, 3 pens and some sticky tape. The motors were turned into eccentric vibration motors ...

Lego whiteboard drawing robot

Robot uses Lego NXT plus an aftermarket device to allow it to be driven from a Playstation controller Built in about 2009.


These "Rockets, Robots & Slime, Oh My!" campers built these Doodlebots.

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