Видео: Test Canon Legria HF R106

Canon Legria HF R106 Test

Canon Legria HF R106 Test on my kicker and at the skatepark mini edit out this week but its dark nights so no much filming time ...

test stabalisator Canon Legria HF R106

With different settings and 3 movies together.

Canon Legria HF R106 test

Upload to 2011/06/04.

Test Canon Legria HF R106

Test of this HD camera :)

Canon Legria HF R106 kutu açımı

Umarım faydalı bir video olmuştur.

Canon Legria HF R106 Audio High Definition Test

A small sample of the audio recording of the Canon Legria HF R106. Only recorded background sound as wanted to see what ...

Testing the Canon Legria HF R106

Footage that has been taken throughout the years 2011-2014 in various places in Greece with the Canon Legria HF R106.

Test Canon Legria HF R106.mov

Ripresa senza cavalletto.

Legria HF R106 - High Definition Test

Test di Alta Definizione con la Telecamera Canon Legria HF R106.

Видеокамера Canon Legria HF R206

Видеообзор компактной видеокамеры Canon Legria HF R206. Подробное описание, характеристики, комментарии и ...

Canon Legria HF R106 Full HD tested quality.

Procambarus Clarkii "Female" femmina di gambero killer ripresa con una Canon HF R 106 Legria full HD.


MODO DE GRAVAÇÃO - FXP: 1920x1080, 17 Mbps;

Canon HF R106 Test

Canon HF R106 HD. Flor Ermita San Ramon.

Bike Camera Rig Test: Using Canon Legria HF R106

Short test made ahead of a coming Short film, testing out my home made Bike Camera Rig. Filmed using the Canon Legria RF ...

Canon Legria HF R106 Shooting Footage

A short shooting test of the Canon Legria HF R106. Shot in Dogma style, with no post colour adjustment. This is what the footage ...

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